Bee Keeping
Chi-Chi was the lucky recipients of hatchlings upon graduating kindergarten. This is the second go-round with chickes as a fox go the first batch.

  Basking in the sunlight.  

April 26th 2008 - Nutmeg and Allspice basking in the sun.

They love to pull their wings back and take it all in.



  Pumpking Nesting.  

April 26th 2008 - We have three hens. The one we call Pumpkin has taken to nesting in the coop and has been sitting on the eggs all spring. We haven't the heart to tell her that she needs a rooster!

All in all they are fun to have around. They follow you when you're outside and like to eat the cat food. They provide on average three eggs a day.

  AllSpice pecking at camera lense.   May 5th 2008 - Chickens are curious creatures. Here AllSpice pecks at her reflection in the camera lense.
  Nutmeg on the prowl.  

April 26th 2008 - Nutmeg on the prowl. The chickens spend most of their day foraging in the yard.